Fortunes 1.65


This program is a version for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP of the classic 'fortune' game included with Linux. It shows the fortune text simulating a console view every time the program is launched, with an option of start with Windows. Configurable colors and favorites.

You also need the fortune data files (not included). This files are included in almost all Linux distributions, and they are usually installed at /usr/lib/games/fortune (you can download several fortune files from this page).

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Fortune files

Fortunes:  ZIP file  242 KB
Fortunes2:  ZIP file  842 KB
Linuxcookie:  ZIP file  14 KB
Fortunes-o (strong language) Warning  ZIP file  32 KB
Fortunes2-o (strong language) Warning  ZIP file  260 KB

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Version 1.65

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