AMP Font Viewer change log

Version 3.86
- Now you can copy the files associated with installed fonts to a folder also from the font
  list window.
- Made some minor adjustments in the font file copy/move operations.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.85
- Added the option of exporting the list of categories to a folder.
- Added the option of copying the files associated with an installed font to a folder.
- The categories are now stored in each Windows user profile, so each user can have this own set of
  categories. This fix also the problem that prevented limited users to save categories.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.82
- Fixed: When uninstalling a font, if the option of making a copy of the font file was checked,
  the program asked for a destination folder instead of using the one selected in the options.
- Fixed: Some of the application windows were not properly scaled when Windows is configured to
  use high DPI settings (large fonts).
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.81
- Fixed: When printing a list of fonts the name of the font appeared always as the sample text.
- Fixed: The default sample always appear at program start even if it's changed in the options.
- Fixed: The sample text disappear when you change to the font list window.
- Fixed: The application couldn't be minimized when viewing a list of not installed fonts.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.80
- The list of not installed fonts can be printed now from the "View folder" window.
- Option of make a copy of the font files before uninstalling (deleting) a font.
- Added options for coping and renaming not installed font files.
- Now you can delete/move/copy the selected fonts at once from the "View font list" window.
- Now you can install fonts temporarily from the "View folder" window.
- Added several context menus.
- Better detection and handling of unsupported fonts (e.g. bitmap fonts).
- The printer dialog now allows selecting between centimeters and inches for margin settings.
- The preview of the fonts of a folder can be aborted now (for folders with many fonts it can
  be a lengthy operation).
- The status bar now shows the characters of the selected text of the sample box
  (useful for symbolic fonts).
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.70
- Added support for Type 1 (*.pfm & *.pfb) fonts (Windows 2000/XP required).
- Improved support for TrueType fonts.
- Added more font information to the Installed fonts and Non installed fonts tabs.
- Now you can view a font sample of the selected font in the Organize categories window.
- The fonts are deleted to the Recycle Bin by default (it can be disabled in the options).
- Added an option for deleting fonts marked as read-only (like the ones copied from CD's).
- Fix: Improper handling of some fonts caused the program to terminate abruptly.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.61
- Fix: The program now starts properly when there is no printer installed.

Version 3.60
- Full support of Windows XP Desktop Themes (using Windows XP Theme
  Manager by Mike Lischke).
- The default sample texts are now configurable.
- The program can handle now PostScript OpenType (*.otf) fonts.
- Added the Desktop and My Documents to the folder tree of the "Not
  installed fonts" tab.
- Fix: Moving and deleting not installed font files from the View Folder
  window works now with the selected fonts instead of only with the
  current font.
- Fix: Printing the font list works now with "zero" columns selected.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.50
- The code for managing fonts have been rewrited, now it is more
  scalable and stable.
- Added an option for importing categories files (*.LST).
- Improved find font options.
- The option of show ASCII characters has been updated to show ANSI
  characters (32-255 instead of 32-128).
- New keyboard shortcut for interchange windows (F2).
- The symbol fonts are now shown properly in Windows 2000/XP.
- Fixed a bug that prevent displaying some icons in the folder selection
  box. Also, now the last directory used is saved for future sessions.
- Fixed the problem of occasional fails in the deletion of font files.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.0
- Improved interface: The windows for installed and not installed fonts
  are now a unique window with two tabs. Also, the main window can now
  be resized.
- Added an option for deleting installed fonts.
- Added an option for installing fonts temporally.
- More options for categories management: combine categories, show fonts with
  no category, search font in categories.
- Some new file management options for the not installed fonts: delete font
  files or move them to a folder.
- Fixed several bugs in the font installation routine.
- Fixed some other minor bugs.

Version 2.55
- Fixed a bug with the Configure printer option.
- Fixed some language mistakes.
- Added option to view directory contents and installed fonts at the same time

Version 2.50
- Fixed some bugs in the installation of fonts.
- Option of organize the fonts in categories.
- Option to select the fonts to print instead of print all fonts.
- Option to select the fonts to install instead of install all fonts in
  the directory.
- Better support for Windows NT.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Added a Readme file with information and tips.

Version 2.35 beta
- Fixed some language mistakes.
- Added standard key shortcuts for English users.

Version 2.30 beta
- First version published in Internet.