AMP WinOFF change log

Version 5.00
- New shutdown mode: User inactivity (i.e. no mouse/keyboard activity).
- New shutdown mode: Network inactivity (input and/or output transfer).
- New planning option: Now you can use more than one shutdown condition at the same time
  (e.g., shut down when there is no CPU nor network activity).
- Improved compatibility with Windows Vista/7.
- Option of average the values of CPU load for miminizing the effect of peak values.
- Changes in the shutdown warning window:
   Added a Reconfigure button.
   The Reactivate button is replaced with the Snooze button for the "Date/time" and "Interval"
    shutdown conditions.
   When using any of the buttons of that window the program will ask for the administrative
    password (if one is set).
- Changes in the display window:
   Several adjustments for reflecting better the planned shutdown.
   Option of set transparency.
   Modified (again) the background color of the graphics in order to make them more readable.
- Fixed: Auto-reactivate shutdown didn't work with Lock session.
- Fixed: the program checked the shutdown date even if the "Date/time" condition wasn't used.
- Fixed: When using the "Date/time" condition, the shutdown wasn't performed if the system clock
  was changed to a time after the shutdown time.
- Fixed: If the whe screen saver was enabled at the shutdown time, the screen shot would capture it
  instead of capturing the desktop contents.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 4.55
- The interval for shut down can set also in days.
- Fixed: the program failed to restore the main window from the taskbar icon if a secundary monitor
  was connected or disconnected while the program was active.

Version 4.51
- Fixed a bug in the anti-close protection.

Version 4.50
- Added administrative shut down & restart, both in local and networked computers.
- Improved program protection: if the program is killed, it can restart itself automatically or it
  can perform an emergency shut down (now this works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista too).
- Improved interface: added a menu bar and moved the action buttons to a toolbar. Also, now you can
  enable and disable the shut down from the taskbar icon.
- Added a button in the shut down confirmation dialog for reactivating/postponing the shut down.
- If the program is already active and it's launched again, the running copy is activated instead
  of showing a warning message.
- Modified the color of the timer display graphics in order to make them more readable.
- Fixed some bugs that prevented using the WIN key in a keyboard shortcut.
- Added a help file.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 4.21
- Fixed some problems with the CPU load meter.

Version 4.20
- Full support of Windows XP Themes (using Windows XP Theme Manager by Mike Lischke).
- Added an option for explicitly reactivate or not the last programmed shut dow. This
  allows running the program at session start without activating last shut down.
- Related to the previous point, the shut down reactivation works now with all modes.
- Changed the way the shut down by idle CPU works: now it's based in CPU use percentage
  instead of using CPU idle percentage (which was rather confusing for some people).
- The "Shut down now" menu/button now display a menu for choosing the type of shut down,
  instead of using the last used shut down type.
- The shut down date (if any is used) is shown in the display.
- Fix: programming a shut down doesn't prevent the shut down of the system via the Start
- Fix: now you can specify command line parameters for the program that is executed before
  the shut down.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 4.10
- Added an option for hiding the tray bar icon (stealth mode). In this
  mode, the configuration windows can be accessed using a hotkey.
- The cancel button of the shut down warning window now could be disabled,
  adding the possibility of showing a warning without allowing cancelling.
- Added help hints for all options.
- Fixed the bug when using settings for all users: Now restricted users
  can read the global configuration.
- Previously, changing the display options from the tray icon menu make
  permanent that changes, although Save of OK buttons hadn't be used. Now
  that changes are temporal.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 4.01
- Changed the order of events before shutdown. The new order is:
  program execution, desktop capture and modem hang up.
- Fixed a bug that prevent the command-line features to work.
- Some other minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.00
- Added new shut down options: suspend, hibernate and lock computer.
- CPU idle detection now works in Windows NT/2000/XP (thanks to
  Alexey A. Dynnikov [ http://www.aldyn.ru/ ] for his sample code).
- Fixed a (stupid) bug that prevent the modem features to work in
  Windows NT/2000/XP.
- Added command-line parameters for hang up the modem, suspend,
  hibernate and lock computer.
- Added option for disabling the screen saver while monitoring the CPU
  idle to prevent that it could load the CPU.
- Some other minor features added.
- Several minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.53
- Fixed a bug that caused that the "Used current time plus" button to
  make bad calculations sometimes.
- Fixed a bug that could make fail the execution of a program from
  WinOFF in Windows 2000/XP
- Some other minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.52
- Fixed a bug that prevent the command-line parameters to work

Version 3.51
- Fixed a bug in the RAS.DLL loading process in Windows 2000.

Version 3.5
- Option for hang up the modem instead of doing a shut down.
- Option for capture the desktop before the shut down.
- Option for execute a program before the shut down.
- A password can be set to access the configuration.
- Now the same settings can be used for all Windows users.
- Added a tray icon menu item to shut down the system immediately.
- Added some other minor features.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.0
- WinOFF can detect now the charge of the CPU and shut down the system
  when the CPU becomes idle.
- Option for select the time format: 24 hours or AM/PM.
- Option for show a display with the shut down time.
- The amount of time that the alert window is shown is now configurable.
- The alert window is now shown on top of other windows.
- Added a Save button in the main window, to save the options without
  activate any shutdown mode.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2
- Improved command line support with new options to allow to run
  WinOFF in a batch process without previous configuration.
- Eliminated the restriction that didn't allow run WinOFF in command
  line mode if it be active.

Version 2.1
- Added command line support for batch shut down.

Version 2.0
- Improved interface.
- Support for Windows 2000 and better support for Windows NT.
- Option for choose the shut down mode.
- Option for choose force/non force mode.
- Date support in shut down at certain hour mode.
- Option for start the program with Windows.
- Button to close the system in the moment.

Version 1.1
- First version published in Internet.