Cookie Monster change log

Version 3.47
- Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of some Mozilla and Gecko-based cookies.

Version 3.46
- The new Gecko cookie format (used in Firefox 3) is now supported for Mozilla and Gecko-based
  browsers (e.g. K-Meleon).

Version 3.45
- Added a search bar for filtering the lists of cookies.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.41
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.40
- Added support for Firefox 3 and Google Chrome.
- The program now detects Opera 8/9 (basic support only).
- Removed support for Netscape 4 since it's not used anymore.
- The program now checks if any of the browsers is open before trying to delete any cookie.
- Added the cookie creation date to the info panel (only for IE and Chrome).
- Added keyboard shortcuts for the adding/removing cookies to/from the protected list.
- Changed the lists font from Arial to Verdana in order to improve readability.
- Modified several keyboard shortcuts so they use more standard keyboard combinations.
- Fixed the order in the preserved cookies list.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.32
- Fixed the "Preserve all cookies" button.

Version 3.31
- Fixed a bug that prevented showing the tray icon in the first program run.
- The Help window is now shown only one time.
- Some other minor fixes.

Version 3.30
- Added options for exporting and importing the preserved cookies list.
- Added the option of use a system tray icon.
- Improved the contextual menus of the cookie lists.
- New tool bar icons.
- Fixed some display problems when the desktop is set to 120 DPI.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.22
- Fixed a bug that prevent the detection of Firefox the first time the program is used.

Version 3.21
- Fixed the button for selecting manually the Firefox profiles folder.

Version 3.20
- Added support for Mozilla Firefox (version 0.9 and up).
- The program now shows information about the selected cookie.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.10
- Now is possible drag & drop cookies between the two lists.
- Added the option of delete the cookies when starting a Windows session.
- Removed the message informing about successful cookie deletion when using the
  "Eat those cookies!" shortcut.
- Improved Opera profile folder detection.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 3.00
- Redesigned interface:
  * The preserved cookie list is managed straight from the main window.
  * The two cookie lists are split vertically instead of horizontally, to use better
    the available space, specially at high resolutions.
  * Several parameters for displaying the cookie lists are now configurable.
  * All the the options are now located in a separate window.
  * Full support of Windows XP Desktop Themes (using Windows XP Theme Manager by
    Mike Lischke).
- The full list of preserved cookies is now remembered even if some of the cookies are
  not found.
- Added the option of searching for matches between favorites/bookmarks and the cookies
- Added a help file.
- The 'www.' is now ignored when sorting the lists by web site.
- Some other minor changes.
- Partial fix for a display problem when the desktop is set to 120 DPI.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 2.00
- The cookie list now show detailed information about each cookie instead of showing
  only the cookie file name.
- Netscape 6/7 is now detected along with Mozilla (both use the Gecko engine and the
  same profile folders).
- Added an extra box for other Gecko-based browsers.
- The cookies for Mozilla, Netscape and Gecko-based browsers are now detected
  individually, so you can preserve and delete custom sets of cookies.
- The program windows are now resizable.
- The lists of the Preserve Cookies window now allow selecting multiple items.
- Added basic support for Windows XP Themes.
- Removed the buttons for creating shortcuts. They are no longer necessary since the
  shortcuts can be created by the installer.
- Fixed the detection of Opera cookies file (now should work with versions 4 and up).
  Also, Opera is no more detected as Netscape.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the auto-detection of browsers when using limited users in
  Windows 2000/XP.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 1.40
- Modified again the Preserve cookies window, to allow see the name of cookies stored in
  large paths.
- The Mozilla profiles directory is now detected properly.
- Added a button for updating the cookies list.
- Made some other little changes.

Version 1.30
- Make some modifications to the Preserve cookies window.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.20
- Fixed a bug that cause the program to fail when the number of cookies is large.
- Some minor interface changes.

Version 1.10
- Added an option of preserve some cookies from deletion (only for IE).
- Added a viewer for the cookie files.

Version 1.0
- First version published in Internet.