Screen Saver Control change log

Version 1.61
- Fixed a bug that made the power off options fail in some situations, especially in Windows Vista
  and Windows 7.

Version 1.60
- Added an option for disabling the screen saver/monitor power off for a certain amount of time.
- Modified the operation mode of the Preserve configuration option, so it only works when you
  explicitly use the Activate or Deactivate commands.
- Fixed: Launching the screen saver now respects the password option of the Display Properties.
- Fixed: the program failed to restore the main window from the taskbar icon if a secundary monitor
  was connected or disconnected while the program was active.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 1.50
- Improved interface: the command buttons are now organized in a toolbar, added a menu bar.
- No delay for launching the screen saver and powering off the monitor by default
  (continuous mode is now optional).
- Added options for taskbar icon single mouse click actions.
- The program configuration is now automatically saved.
- If the program is already active and it's launched again, the active copy is activated
  instead of showing a warning message.
- Added command-line options for launching the screen saver and powering off the monitor.
- Added a help file.
- Fix: the option for updating the Windows configuration option now works properly.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 1.30
- Full support of Windows XP Desktop Themes (using Windows XP Theme
  Manager by Mike Lischke).
- Added the option of toggle screen saver activation/deactivation with
  a double-click in the taskbar icon.
- The program now displays a warning if it's already active, instead of
  launching a new copy.
- Some other minor changes and fixes.

Version 1.21
- Added two taskbar bar icons for showing when only screen saver or power
  off are active.
- Added basic support for Windows XP Themes.
- Fixed a bug that allowed activate the instant mode more that one time.

Version 1.20
- Added option of activating screen saver and power off with a hotkey.
- New taskbar icon image for when only screen saver or power off is active.
- The double-click action of the taskbar icon is now configurable.
- Fixed some bugs in the behaviour of the option for preserving
- Some other minor changes.

Version 1.10
- Option for preserving the enabled/disabled state if it's changed by
  other applications.
- Option of start with Windows.
- The Instant mode window is now show always on top and the instant
  mode delay is configurable.
- Some other minor changes.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0
- First version published in Internet.